Apple’s big bet on iOS 7 gaming to play out this fall

Written by dingway. Posted in Tech

As iOS 7 rolls out to the public, anticipation builds for iPhone game controllers and apps optimized for the iPhone 5S’s A7 chip. It’s all part of Apple’s plan to keep the mobile gaming crown.


There’s a good reason why a significant portion of Apple’s iPhone announcement last week was dedicated to showing off the flagship iOS game series Infinity Blade. That’s because with iOS 7 — rolling out to the public Wednesday — and the new A7 chip’s 64-bit architecture, Apple is signaling to the world that it’s dead set on remaining the preeminent mobile-gaming ecosystem.

iOS has long been the leader in that space thanks to its robust platform and the ease with which developers of all sizes — from single-app makers to triple-A studios with sprawling mobile suites — can monetize games. Game apps have heavily populated the most downloaded and highest grossing charts since the advent of the App Store and have launched entire studios to stardom, from Rovio with Angry Birds to King with Candy Crush.

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